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Recorded at Ninjastudion Malmö and Thymus Malmö.
All music and lyrics written by Erik Silverberg


released August 10, 2010

Erik Silverberg:- Guitar, Bass Vocals on "Illusory skies", "Tadoma" and Back-up vocals on "Launched into orbit"

Pontus Landgren: - Drums

Anton Sander: Vocals on "Launched into orbit" and back-up vocals on "Tadoma"

Filip Forsström: Studio technician and Syntheizer on "Tadoma"

Jonatan Åstrand: Vocals on "Illusory skies"




Cloud Zone Sweden

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Track Name: Launched into orbit
My purpose was not to stay but leave
Millions of miles from home I orbit around this globe
The mother of life I've left behind
This Earth - home...

...a distant memory of the past
Departure in solitude to the endless black
As my thoughts echoes through my mind
I'm meant to stay - alone...
Track Name: Tadoma
I can feel you by a gentle touch
And I observe every beat of your pulse
You know that I can't hear nor see you
But I have calculated every word you've said
Track Name: Illusory skies
When we let them into our lives with promises of salvation
To make those who made the world unsafe be seen and erased
To gain our future
Blind us to keep us safe from the harm of reality
What we see defines what's real - Then show us lies
Blind us, Blind us

I want a place where they can't see us
I've never felt so safe being alone
No protective eyes - No threat
That our lives can be free as the clear blue sky

We are free, We are free

As long as we're kept alive, we are willing to give up life itself
When lies become truth, freedom - enslavement and war is peace - we are free